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I'm Fucking Jackie;
A description to fit this, would corrupt the status quo.

Im that girl that you see with that has laid-back mannerisms. Im the girl that always has her arms around somebody, or with a hand in front of her mouth cause she feels anxious. Im the girl that stares you in the eyes when you talk, and the one that actually listens when you want her to. Im the one that is always there for everyone. Im always bruised somewhere, and I smile until it hurts. Im my experiences, my beliefs, my opinions, and every person that I have ever met has contributed to the person I have become. I could never tell you who I am, because Im someone different for everyone. Im someones best friend, someones classmate, someones sister, and someones somebody. I can be anyone I want to be, and accomplish whatever I set my eyes, and put my heart into. Im the girl that just wants to be successful Get to know me if you'd like<333